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Homerun Battle 3D

Baseball game gets Halloweeny.

October 22, 2010

Homerun Battle 3D Halloween update

Com2uS USA Inc.

What’s in the update?

-   Homerun Battle 3D surpasses 2Million downloads

-- Wear a Pumpkin helmet and gain double goldballs

-- A new Spooky Halloween uniform outfit

-- A Spooky Stadium makeover

-- Update on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Just a few days away from Halloween week and the big event for big league baseball, Com2uS has launched a major Halloween update for Homerun Battle 3D. 

Homerun Battle 3D is a real-time online homerun derby game where you compete against millions of users worldwide. The simplicity of the game play, hitting the ball over the fence, added with a 3G or Wifi network competition has made the game a great global hit as it remains to be in top 50 games in US.

Celebrating the Halloween, Homerun Battle 3D is running a Pumpkinstein event for two weeks. When players win a matchup against other players, they receive a pumpkin helmet to wear, which doubles the amount of goldballs the player receive in the next matchup. Goldballs are in-game currency that can be used for upgrading your gears for better look and performance.

Also, a new Halloween uniform package has been added and will be on a 50% discount during the 2 week event, encouraging players to try out a new look and add performance to their character.

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