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Holiday Sale

Hurry up! It's closing 20 December.

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Cary, NC, 13 December 2010

All good things must come to and end and soon the Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale will come to a close on December 20th. While the end date is fast approaching there is still time enough to take advantage of the special savings offered at our online store, the Gamers Front. So, whether you're playing Santa Claus to yourself this year or you're providing Festivus gifts to all your co-workers, now is the time to get your gaming on.

The Holiday Sale includes all currently available games with a variety of savings. All our games are available as downloads and the majority are also available as physical products (but if you want these under someone's real tree this year you'd better hurry with that order!). It should also be noted that except for certain titles having a serial code activation all games are DRM free. That's right, no intrusive protection schemes that punish the legitimate owner! Once bought the game is forever yours.

Having trouble deciding on what to get? Allow us to make a few suggestions...

Ancient history buffs, Eurogamers, and anyone who enjoy fiendish puzzles would enjoy one of our latest releases, Bronze. Bronze is a game of land conquest set in the Cradle of Civilization 5,000 years ago, though it's unlike any land conquest game you're used to playing. Easy mechanics mated with challenging gameplay makes for the perfect addictive quality.

Recently Bronze was awarded the Editor's Choice award at Gaming Nexus, with reviewer Tom Bitterman closing his review with, "Buy two. If you buy one for the casual gamer in your life you will just end up fighting over it. For the sake of your friends and loved ones, I beg you, buy two." We wholeheartedly concur.

Our other new release, World Supremacy, is great for anyone looking for a straightforward, Axis and Allies style game set in the modern era. A lean, mean fighting machine World Supremacy is another game that can be quickly picked up. Thanks to its mod friendly nature and random game set-ups, World Supremacy is a game with legs that you'll be playing long after the holidays season is over.

Anyone on your Christmas list that is strapped for time would do well with War Plan Pacific, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, Air Command 3.0, or BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity. These are all games that fit in perfect with today's gamer-on-the-go lifestyle, and all offer massive replayability. And even though these games might not take eighty hours to finish that doesn't mean they don't bring the epic to your monitor. These are games that create stories.

Classic wargamers would appreciate winSPWW2 and winSPMBT. Both are the result of years of dedicated work by Camo Workshop. Featuring gameplay that anyone growing up on a steady diet of SPI and Avalon Hill titles will instantly recognize, combined both games allow tactical warfare from the 1930s until the 2020s using enough hardware to make even Jane's jealous.

Speaking of wargamers how about an entire library of realistic modern warfare games from ProSIM? Both the games and the developers are the real deal, as some of these games are in use (with some modifications) in real world training. All ProSIM games feature highly detailed maps based on real world digital terrain, realistic weapon modeling, multiple levels of control, pausable real-time play, scenario editing, and killer AIs in tense and exciting scenarios. If you're tired of fighting Dubya Dubya Two, check out Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, Air Assault Task Force, The Falklands War: 1982, and all the rest from ProSIM.

Fantasy gamers and multiplayer fanatics would do well with Dominions 3: The Awakening. Up to twenty-one players enter into a bloodsoaked world of corruption, violence, and cheese, where only one will emerge victorious. Command over 1,500 unique units, wield hundreds of spells and magical items, and prepare to lose yourself in the last fantasy strategy game you'll ever need. Perfect for the OCD friend in your life!

Head on over to the Gamers Front to grab these titles or any of our other games.

Be sure to stop by for information on any of the games or to download demos. The sale ends December 20th but until December 31st both War Plan Pacific and Salvo! will remain at specially discounted prices.

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