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Stripped-down version of HoboWars browser-based game offering $8,000 in cash prizes.

Brisbane, Nov 20 – HellBored Entertainment, which owns and operates the successful browser-based gaming site, has launched, where players compete to earn a slice of US$8,000 in cash prizes.

HoboWars offers players both a social experience through detailed friend lists, gang membership and management, and weekly challenges, and also adventures through a campaign structure. Players gain experience through completing online actions, and through combat, and with more than 150,000 players members of 100 gangs (and gang wars common) action is guaranteed.

HoboArena, which launched at 1pm Eastern Australian time today (Nov 20), is a stripped down version of the Hobowars experience, allowing players to focus on training their character and battling other players. Elements of the main Hobowars game, such as the kart racing, adventuring and rat races have been removed to allow players focus on one of the two categories to win – highest level hobo, and richest hobo (each category has a US$4000 prize pool).

Players do not need to have a Hobowars account to take part in HoboArena, as all players use new accounts. The prize pool pays out every six months.


For further information contact:

Andrew Hogan

About HellBored Entertainment:

HellBored develops browser-based games that can be played for free, and also runs a content based video game site. Hobowars and Universe Wars share 450,000 members from around the world, with Facebook applications for both games.

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