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HM-Fusion announces WiFi Karts

Lincoln, UK, November 7th, 2005 - HM-Fusion today announces the launch of WiFiKarts.co.uk, your online destination for Mario Kart gaming over Nintendo's new WiFi service. WiFiKarts.co.uk provides you, the gamer with the ultimate source for finding fellow karting gamers and gives you the opportunity to prove to the masses that you are the best karter in the land!

WifiKarts which can be found over at www.wifikarts.co.uk is supported by several online sites, including the likes of Revolution Europe, Club Skill, and more!

With the success of other such events for other online games, such as Halo 2, and Unreal Tournament, WiFiKarts brings something new to the table by bringing organised gaming events for Nintendo's karter to the masses. Signing up couldn't be simpler just head on over to www.wifikarts.co.uk and get your name on the list. The helpful staff team will then email you with the details of your match, it's really that simple!

But that's not all, as an extra incentive, prizes will be up for grabs, ranging from new games, to hardware and more!

Users can then discuss their matches, scores, tactics and more in the exclusive community forum, over at HM-Fusion, just keep the trash talking to a minimum!

"WiFiKarts is a superb way of bringing Mario Kart gaming to those dedicated to proving their skills, and Charlie Douglas has done a superb job on the project" said Chris Brandrick, manager of HM-Fusion.co.uk. "The opportunity to rank higher in different leagues is a great way of engaging gamers in friendly competition and will add superb replay value to an already awesome product."

Tournaments start from the 1st of December, and the user list is quickly filling, so head on over to get involved in the karting action. New leagues start regularly, and it's the ultimate way to prove your karting skills!

So go get your entry registered at www.wifikarts.co.uk and make your challenge known to have the chance to win some very cool prizes, and earn the title as the ultimate Mario Karter!

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Set up by Charlie Douglas in September 2005, WiFiKarts.co.uk is a unique competitive community for players who want to race against other Nintendo fans in a series of leagues and tournaments.

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