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HKS Racing Controller

Unique racing controller for the PS3.

Recently released in the US, the HKS Racing Controller for the PS3 gives a unique controller experience designed to replicate a steering wheel and pedals. With a new redesigned steering control as well as analogue pedal style buttons, this controller gives you much more accurate input than the standard Dual Shock 3 when it comes to racing games. The centre of the controller also has a digital readout, letting you know exactly how much pressure that you are applying to the throttle so that you can take corners at top speed in full control.

The first batch of HKS controllers has had massive success and extremely positive feedback, so GamingZap has now managed to secure extra units for the UK. Perfect for any racing fan, this is the ideal PS3 controller to use without the hassle of setting up a steering wheel. In very short supply, reserve your HKS controller now! GamingZap stocks the latest and best gaming accessories, with everything from a top of the range Xbox Headset to a high performance Gaming Mouse .  

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