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Hive Rise

Linux client arises.

Last week the free Hive Rise client was released. Of course it was a Windows version, although Vulcando Games didn’t explicitly indicate the needed operating system.

But that shouldn’t be a matter of course: Now there’s a version that runs natively on Linux! The download has 79 MB and is thus a little bit larger than the Windows version. Cross platform playing is now possible without any restrictions.

Just like the Windows version the Linux client can be downloaded here for free:

Hive Rise is an extremely fast running real time strategy game. It takes place on huge maps, each providing space for over 1000 human players. There are 12 different play modes, each offering a unique trophy. What makes it even more outstanding is the fact that the short matches (about 10 minutes) can be started at once without having to wait for your teammates. You can start playing instantly, no registration is needed!

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