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Hit the internet to access the Command Centre of the most brutal conflict of the 1950's to have never happened!

Codename: Panzers™ - Cold War website goes online

Darmstadt, August 13th 2007 - The official Codename: Panzers - Cold War website is available online as of today at www.panzers-coldwar.de. The lavish website transports visitors to an abandoned control room in Berlin's Tempelhof airport. This is where the tragic 1949 collision between two aircraft led to an invasion by the Red Army and the start of the single-player campaign in Stormregion's new real-time strategy masterpiece. In addition to news, screenshots and artwork, the website's original design offers a wide range of interesting functions, information and interactive elements waiting to be discovered as visitors wander through the control room. Electronic Arts will be handling European distribution and sales for the newest title in the "Codename Panzers" series, due for release on the PC in the first quarter of 2008.

During the Cold War conflict, a period in which the differences of opinion between the occupying forces of the Allies and the Soviet Union become ever sharper, an aircraft accident occurs over Tempelhof Airport during the Berlin Blockade resulting in grave consequences. The tragic collision of an American airplane carrying relief goods with a Russian fighter plane costs not only the lives of both crews, but also overstretches the already tense relations between the occupying forces. Under the command of the merciless Stalin, the Red Army has undergone a tremendous expansion at the end of the Second World War and has more-or-less been waiting for the right time to extend their territory to the West by attacking the NATO forces. This incident thus gives Stalin all the incentive that he requires!

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