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HistWar: Les Grognards

A progress report along with some new screenshots.

Battlefront Press Release 11 November 2008 --- *Press information for immediate release* Jean-Michel Mathé has released an update and progress report about the continuing development of Histwar: Les Grognards, accompanied by a set of 40 new screenshots from the latest beta version:

The development continues unabated. While continuing to further refine the AI (Regimental and Corps), the activities are diversifying more and more. Last month alone several important milestones have been reached:

a) added different sets of music that will accompany the march of the various regiments. This means almost a hundred musical themes for the French, Austro-Hungarian, Russians, Italians, Swedish and some others!

b) implemented new terrain graphics to further optimize rendering of the environment

c) adjustment of the GUI (Graphic User Interface) towards the finished product

d) final work on the doctrine editor

e) successful network / multiplayer testing Histwar: Les Grognards is still currently in beta stage and no firm release date has yet been set.

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