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Higher capacity and white PS3s for Japan

160 and 320GB models due this month, white peripherals too

New versions of the PlayStation 3 are due to reach the Japanese market on July 29.

The CECH-2500 series ships with hard drive capacities of either 160 or 320 Gigabytes, which will retail for ¥29,980 and ¥34,980 respectively, according to

The 160 GB model will be available in both the standard Charcoal Black and the new, Wii-like Classic White.

A range of white peripherals are to accompany the launch, including DualShock 3 controllers and vertical stands.

The existing 120GB model, which was formerly retailed at the same price as the new 160GB unit, will switch to open pricing as of tomorrow - often a sign that an SKU is to be gradually phased out.

Sony has confirmed to that the new models are currently for the Japanese market only, with nothing to announce for European and American markets for now.

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