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Hidden Photo

Snap stuff with the Nintendo DSi's camera and it's incorporated into the game.

Hidden Photo is the first and only game to make such innovative and full use of the Nintendo DSi Camera feature. The gameplay is created especially for the Nintendo DSi as players use the handheld’s cameras to snap photos and incorporate them directly into the game.

Published in the UK by PQube and developed by Most Wanted Entertainment – the same developer behind DS chart hit Mystery Tales – Hidden Photo is entertaining, simple and fun for players of all ages.

In Hidden Photo it’s not just pictures of players own faces that go into the game, but their whole world – landscapes, buildings, objects, friends, pets… Anything they can photograph! Everyone can release their creative talents to produce an infinite number of games and puzzles to enjoy. Player’s own photographs form the centrepiece of brain twisting and fun challenges like hidden objects, spot the difference, word search, find the face and many more.

Rob Noble, Head of PR and marketing, PQube comments: “Hidden Photo is perhaps the best use yet for the DSi’s camera. In a single package, we’re providing players with a platform that provides literally unlimited scope for creating different types of incredibly popular and enduring puzzle games.” He continues: “The social aspect of Hidden Photo cannot be understated either – it’s perfect for friends having fun or parents looking to educate and entertain their children with something they can create and play together. Hidden Photo’s supremely accessible puzzle creation tools make it open to all, with literally anything you care to take a picture of providing backgrounds and subject matter.”

Fun packed puzzle game modes for all ages include:

• Hidden Object – Players create endless hidden object puzzles using their photos. There are more than 1500 different objects to find in the game – e.g. disguised, rotated and rescaled.

• Real Differences – spot the differences between the real photo and the “changed” scene in the altered version.

• Find Yourself – find the player’s or a friend’s face in a crowd photo by using the stylus as a search flashlight. Take a portrait and the game inserts it into one of the crowd-scene pictures.

• Word Search – a word is broken into letters, each then randomly distributed into the image. Find the hidden letters in the picture and arrange them into the correct word.

• Memory Puzzle – First the player has to memorise the objects’ positions, then place them back into the original image.

• And many more...

Hidden Photo will be available in store and online from February 2011, with an RRP of £29.99.

For further information, please contact:

Rob Noble for PQube

+44 (0)146 247 8900

Tom Reynolds for Peppermint P

+44 (0)207 240 2645

About PQube

PQube provides a complete range of services including PR, marketing and games publishing. With an established team of industry professionals based in the UK and Germany, PQube Ltd publishes and distributes a range of its own and third party products across all games platforms and price points. More information can be found on PQube’s website

About Most Wanted Entertainment

Most Wanted Entertainment is a leading Hungarian game developer studio dedicated to creating games that appeal to a broad audience on all platforms. Founded by industry veterans back in 2005, Most Wanted has completed more than 20 titles since its inception, including Joint Task Force, Mystery Tales - Time Travel, Mechanic Master 2, Ghostbusters and the best mobile casual game of 2006: Magnetic Joe.

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