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He's Back On The Mobile. IN-FUSIO Launches The Second Instalment Of The Terminator(tm) Mobile Games Series

IN-FUSIO Adds to its Successful Portfolio of Film- and Television-Licensed Games With The Terminator(tm): I'm Back

London - March 2, 2005, - IN-FUSIO, the international mobile game publisher, invites UK gamers to take on the ultimate killing machines with the launch of The TerminatorTM: I'm Back. The single-player action game, which captures the atmosphere of the film trilogy, is available to download immediately from Orange and O2 in the UK to a wide variety of Java-enabled phones.

In The TerminatorTM: I'm Back players have to guide Kyle Reese through a series of missions, battling the dreaded "Hunter Killer" robots so he can get back in time to protect Sarah Connor. The game has two modes - campaign and survival, each of which has three difficulty settings. The campaign mode challenges gamers to blast their way through 12 unique missions with the ultimate aim of locating the "time displacement device" and sending Kyle back to his past. While in survival mode Kyle must survive wave after wave of Terminators for as long as possible. Luckily The TerminatorTM: I'm Back has an array of weapons for Kyle to collect along the way including carbine, laser pistol, plasma rifle, plasma cannon and rocket launcher.

IN-FUSIO Product Manager Richard Moureaud said: "IN-FUSIO's commitment to delivering top quality games means that we are a sought after partner for many film studios and entertainment companies. The TerminatorTM: I'm Back will further cement the successful crossover from film to mobile."

The TerminatorTM: I'm Back is the second IN-FUSIO title based on Canal Studio Image's Terminator license and expands the publisher's portfolio of top entertainment titles. IN-FUSIO's game catalogue already includes titles based on Comedy Central's South Park®, Universal Studios' E.T.TM and Jurassic Park III®, as well as Eidos' videogame turned film franchise Tomb RaiderTM. The TerminatorTM: I'm Back is also available from carriers in the US, France, and Spain.


2 or Up : Walk/Crawl forward

8 or Down : Walk/Crawl backward

4 or Left : Walk/Crawl left

6 or Right : Walk/Crawl right

5 or OK : Shoot weapon

1 : Inventory

3 : Launch rocket

7 : Change weapon

9 : Stand up

The TerminatorTM: I'm Back is available on the following handsets at O2:

Motorola: V600.

Nokia: 6820, 7210, 6610i, 6620, 3220, 3100, 6230, 3300, 6600, 3510i, 7260, 7210, 3650, 6610, 7650.

The TerminatorTM: I'm Back is available on the following handsets at Orange:

Motorola: C385, V220, V500, V600.

Nokia: 3220, 5140, 6230, 6600, 6630, 7610, 7650, N-Gage.

Siemens: C65.

Samsung: E330, E700, E800.

Sony Ericsson: K700, Z1010.

SAGEM: myX5-2, myX-7.


IN-FUSIO's other games, available to download now, include Dice Extreme, Boomerang Joe, Jungle Run, Christmas Tales, Zoo TycoonTM 2 Mobile, Tomb RaiderTM, Eagle Squadron, SmileyTM Tactics, Shado Fighter, South ParkTM, Fruit Factory, Crazy Cobra 2, Chicago Guns, Rollerblade®, Ghost Hunter, IF Racing 2, Football Fans, Tony Hawk's Underground, Kung Fu Legend, Skate Kid, Winter Sport, Mutant Alert, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingTM, Flynn's Adventures, BombJackTM, The TerminatorTM, Crazy Pet 2, CharmedTM, Space War, Solitaire Gold, Pikubi, Sphere Madness, Casino Nights, DJ Bubble and Panko.

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