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Flash-based MMOG enters alpha test today; developer apologizes for stealing Blizzard's thunder.

LAND O’LAKES, FLORIDA – December 7, 2010 –  Artix Entertainment LLC, the indie web game dev company behind AdventureQuest Worlds (, today publically apologized for unknowingly scheduling the alpha test of their new super MMO, HeroSmash, on the same day World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was being released.

“We had no idea we were releasing the alpha test on the same day until a player told me last night,” says Artix’s Founder/Paladin Adam Bohn. “The impact our new game release on Cataclysm could be catastrophic. They could lose literally 10s… or even single digits… of players. This was not anyone’s fault, just bad timing. If Blizzard decides to push back their release date we are sure everyone will understand.”

HeroSmash ( is Artix’s 6 th major game, a flash MMO that plays in your browser being created for their network of over 100 million registered players. Originally entitled SuperHeroQuest, the name had been begrudgingly changed to HeroSmash following a joint cease and desist letter from DC and Marvel claiming they own the trademark on the words “Super Hero.”

Underdog or not, a true Hero never gives up. Alpha testing for HeroSmash begins Tuesday, December 7 th at sundown. Core features include real-time cooperative combat, flying, stylized “Vinyl” characters, anything goes skills and powers, and underpants that you can wear on the wrong side of your spandex. Taking the community driven spirit of Artix’s game development process to a new level -- players will be selected to become major NPCs (non-player characters) during the alpha and one lucky player will actually rise to become main villain of the game. Due to space, early alpha testing will be limited to upgraded members of their other web-based games.

You can learn more about HeroSmash at the official website Http://

Other Games from Artix Entertainment

Artix Entertainment offers many other RPG and MMO titles in addition to HeroSmash, ranging from the fantasy realms of the original AdventureQuest and the MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds to the sci-fi galaxies of MechQuest, WarpForce, and EpicDuel. Artix has enjoyed a high success rate in the past eight years with over 120 million accounts created for their games.  

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About Artix Entertainment

Artix Entertainment LLC, is a privately held, game development and publishing studio that specializes in creating online, browser-based, anime-style, role-playing Flash games with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix has developed a range of games with storylines that are based in the fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure genre. Content within the games is updated on a weekly basis creating a compelling experience which keeps users coming back frequently for new content and story lines. Artix core offerings are three online RPG games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, and three MMORPGs: AdventureQuest WorldsEpicDuel and HeroSmash.  Players can visit for more information.

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