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Hero's Puzzle Path Ships for PC Today

DALLAS, TX - November 1, 2007 - KATWorks Games LLC today announced the release of Hero's Puzzle Path, an original puzzle-action game for PC download. Help the hero arrange a path from his home to the opponent's cave in this compelling video game. Watch the board animate to life as you disarm troublesome tricks and traps trying to stop your progress.

Hero's Puzzle Path is a modern challenge inspired by dominoes and classic board games creating an experience that engages the brain and moves the hand. "Pick up and play for just a few minutes or a few hours based on your busy lifestyle. You and the entire family will come back to Hero's Puzzle Path time and time again for your daily dose of fun!" said company President, Ken Tabor.

Four game types offer distinct experiences exciting different player styles.

The Standard game type serves as the bulk of Hero's Puzzle Path. Its 70 boards tempt and tease by consistently surprising with twisting layouts, branching paths, and tricks and traps featured apart and in combinations that must be puzzled through. Builder activates the mind of a creative player as randomly appearing pieces must be assembled into the longest working path possible in the time available. Frenzy quickly challenges the action fan to survive against an enemy onslaught earning points for every second spent alive on randomly created boards. Dominate strikes a balance, reminding players of the Standard game as the playful AI actively works at "owning" the paths found on 15 boards.

Hero's Puzzle Path is available immediately for PC download with a suggested price of $19.95. To learn more about the game, download the software trial, and purchase the full edition, please visit


KATWorks Games is an independent development studio established in 2007 by Ken Tabor, an eleven-year veteran of the Dallas-area game scene. The quality-obsessed company is driven by a strong creative vision taking a serious approach at making great casual games.


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