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Hero's Path Games, A Web-Portal For Heroic Games Grows Tenfold


October 13, 2007 - Promaginy is pleased to announce that Hero's Path Games has reached a new milestone of 60 games, expanding tenfold from the six games it started with in November 2006. Utilizing the revolutionary Reflexive Entertainment GameCentreSolution TM , fifteen high quality downloadable computer games are available for sale. These new games continue to capture the spirit of the hero's path. Players can now find classic heroic games like Crimson Tide to recently released games like The Dark Legions and Grimm's Hatchery All games are freely downloadable so that customers can try before they buy.

Players will find Action & Tactical games in the first Stage of the Hero's Path: Call to Action. All heroes are spurred into action because they are forced to. These games force the Hero to think fast and to act smart.

Adventure & Roleplaying games are found in second Stage of the Hero's Path: A Heroic Journey. Following the elimination of the threat, the Hero must set out on a dangerous and exciting journey to discover himself and the surrounding world around him.

Strategy & 4X games are found in third Stage of the Hero's Path: Return as Ruler. Knowing who he is and what dangers lurk in the surround lands, the Hero returns to his home and begins his reign as ruler of the kingdom.

Promaginy is an IP and game production company which will release its first browser based game in 2008. For further information, contact Chris Billows at 204-798-7523 or visit the site at http://www.heropathgames.com

Contact: Chris Paul Billows

Cellular: 204-798-7523

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