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Heroic Sports Football

Fantasy football promising speedy matches, few rules and - ulp - on-field fatalities, available now from

Players must arm their teams for “do or die” battles to win the All World Championship

SYDNEY, Australia – 24 November 2009

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3RD Sense, which operates the successful play platform, and develops games and online apps for consumers and innovative brands worldwide, today announced the release of Heroic Sports Football – a new, fast-paced fantasy football game.

Heroic Sports Football is set in the year 2030, in a time when football has evolved significantly. Football has become an audience event and players now compete against each other with whatever it takes to win, using star players and weapons to overcome their opposition with a mix of strategy and violence.

Players must develop a team of football rookies, then set up a football club, before taking on the greatest teams the world has to offer including Heroes United, Real Violencia and Holy Citadel.

The game is a classic sports tale of underdogs and underhand tactics, where players aim to take their team to the ultimate football competition, the All World Championship.

Players can enjoy the following exciting game features:

• Build your own Club: Players select a team of seven players, including a fully customisable ‘Star Player’ and design their own team logo and club colours

• Play on seven different field types including Grass, Metal, Ice and Lunar

• Compete against 50 teams through five divisions – from the hapless Sunday Park League to the All World Championships

• Trade players, manage salaries and arm your team with everything from battle-axes and centurion helmets to army boots and flak-jackets

• Collect on-field power ups and dodge hazards such as spiked pits and toxic sludge.

The game is available from for around US $20.00.

INTERVIEW QUOTES / Oliver Joyce, Creator and Designer of Heroic Sports Football for 3RD Sense:

“With very few rules, on field fatalities and quick, hectic matches, Heroic Sports Football is the remedy against stat-heavy, lumbering football simulations. It’s football the way it should be played – pure, brutal and just plain fun.”

“We hope that players will enjoy the breadth of Heroic Sports Football which challenges players in all aspects of football, including ball play on the field as well as the strategy of trading players, managing salaries and arming your team for do or die battles!”


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The game is available here:


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