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Heroes of Gaia

Browser-based MMOG where you can be battling beasties in under a minute, starting closed beta next week.

Requires Flash

Browser-based; any platform (PC/Mac/Linux)

Massively Multiplayer (MMP)

Product Description

Heroes of Gaia is a free-to-play browser game set in a world of swords, elves and magic. Players choose from four races: Humans, Elf, Orc or Undead as they race to build their Castles, amass armies, forge alliances and lead their Heroes on epic adventures to slay fearful creatures of the land.

Inspired by the Castle-and-Hero gameplay of classic PC titles, veteran players can now experience the vintage gameplay in a new way together in a massively multiplayer world. Now you can forge alliances with new friends to explore the vast lands, challenge awesome beasts and wage war against other guilds.

Delivered with cutting cloud gaming technology, Heroes of Gaia runs on your browser while providing beautiful visuals never seen before on browser games. With no game client download, users can enter the world of Heroes of Gaia in less than one minute and play from anywhere at any time together with players from all over the world.

This game spearheads a movement that will change how core games are delivered to the player. Unlike the casual nature of most browser games in the West, this free-to-play game provides high-fidelity core gaming experience without the hardware, time or even dollar costs that are normally associated with core games.

Heroes of Gaia provides time-honored core game experience, without barriers, to a global audience. Players can pre-register at the official website ( to sign up for the closed beta which will begin on August 17, 2009.

Key Features

A massively multiplayer online game featuring conflicts and alliances between Humans, Orcs, Elves, Undead and the myriad creatures and beasts of the land. Gameplay inspired from classic PC titles taken to a new level in a massively multiplayer world where a global player base can intermingle. Cutting-edge cloud gaming technology allows players to play immediately with no required download, and play anywhere with no required hard drive install. By utilizing a cloud delivery model combined with a free-to-play revenue model, core players are free from time or cost barriers and can try out the game in less time than it takes to read an article about it.

Product Specifications

Publisher: Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd.

Developer: Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd.

Category: Massively Multiplayer


Release: August 17, 2009 (Closed beta)

Press Contact

Adam Beason

Business Contact

Hendrick Sukardi 

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