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Heroes in the Sky

Aerial combat MMOG gets fourth raid mission: "Conspiracy in the Iceberg".

(2010/00/00, Seoul, Korea) – As the online game market grows in both quantity and quality with competition becoming fierce evermore, games of various genres have been introduced to stimulate the curiosity of gamers.

GameUS Co., Ltd., a game developer, has revealed a new update for its online 3D flight shooting game, ‘Heroes In The Sky (HIS)’, through its large-scale latter term patch for the 4 th Raid Mission, ‘Conspiracy in the Iceberg’.

HIS is an online game with a motif of aerial battle during World War II. It is characterized by its diversity of contents line-up, which is centered on the mission mode recreating famous battlefields of history, along with PVP competition and large-scale occupation battle between the allied forces and the axis powers on a global map. In addition to above, the raid missions of HIS provide entertainment above the simple level of mission assignment with its wave of powerful fuselages existing only on paper plan or data due to their non-commitment to actual battle.

Even more, the 100-level cap was unscrewed to add a variety of items and contents, such as the newly opened 105-level cap and extra region missions.

Besides the above, legend class items that exceed the performance of existing normal or veteran items have been introduced to allow users the opportunity to possess powerful equipments regardless of their levels.

HIS is currently serviced respectively in Japan, Germany and the United States. Sang-cheol Bae, CEO of GameUS Co., Ltd. said “The update contents will be introduced to overseas services by the early half of 2011, and we’re promoting a global service allowing international matches.”


About GameUS

GameUS, an online game developer, was established in 2003 and developed the first online 3D flight shooting game, ‘Red Muffler’. It possesses overall know-how on the development of aerial shoot ‘em up online games with its experience in developing the casual aerial shoot ‘em up game ‘Supasupa’ and ‘Heroes In The Sky’.

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Seok-min Hong, PR Manager

E-Mail: mercury@gameus.co.kr

Mobile: +82-10-2850-4085

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