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HeroCraft HiTech Co. Ltd. Releases First Ever True Multiplayer Game For PDAs and Smartphones Run By Different Operating Systems.

December 2005

For Immediate Release

Battle Cake X-mas is a new arcade action game for mobile devices. This game is the first ever true multiplayer game for PDAs and smartphones that lets folks who own different types of mobile devices from different manufacturers and run by different operating systems play together. For instance one person can play the game with Pocket PC Dell Axim x50v, another with Palm Os Treo 650, third with Windows Mobile i-mate sp3i based smartphone, and the fourth one with a phone run by Symbian OS N-Gage QD. The only requirement is that all devices must have Bluethooth connectivity capabilities in order for players of the game to interact with each other real-time.

Battle Cake X-mas is the 80s-inspired arcade action game that turns cake throwing into a weapon of mass destruction. The plot of the game is twistingly bizarre and involves seemingly incompatible elements like a corrupt city official, a Voodoo shaman, an ancient mage Cakedalf and aliens, who try to stop all cake production on planet Earth for reasons not revealed until the very final stages of the game.

Battle Cake X-mas brings the cherished memories of playing PacMan or BomberMan on Commodore 64 or Atari to modern mobile devices, with enhanced graphics, wacky storyline and viral multiplayer capability that is sure to infect PDA and smartphone owners.

Battle Cake X-mas features 8 characters to choose from, 18 enemy units, including 5 bosses and one superboss at the end. There are 5 distinctly different gaming worlds and 21 exciting levels (25 for network mode). The game can be played by up to 4 human players and two bots at the same time (BlueTooth connectivity capabilities required).

Battle Cake X-mas costs 14.95 US Dollars. The game runs on Windows Mobile OS, Palm OS and Symbian OS mobile devices.

HeroCraft HiTech Co. Ltd. was founded in 2005 as an independent company. The company creates games for smartphones and PDAs run by Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm operating systems.


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