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HeroCraft company publishes two new games: Bravian Lands and Sun Valley.

October, 2007

Marketing material


October, 26, 2007, Kaliningrad, RF - HeroCraft company announces the release of two new Java games: Bravian Lands (developed by VisualMedia Mobile) and Sun Valley (developed by Mobila-Games.ru).

Bravian Lands - adventures of the brave hero in his mission to save his land from the hordes of various monsters, accidently summoned by a mistake in the spell. The hero will have to pass through four game areas (four levels in each), in the end of every location the "boss" monster awaits to slay or be slain.

Bravian Lands game features very dynamic gameplay, plenty of various enemies, hero weapons and different tactics for "boss" monsters.

Sun Valley - a game in genre of infamous "Bejewelled". Your goal is to assist King Arthur to defeat the vile dragon and to win the heart of the beautiful lady. There are forty levels with acsending difficulty; on each level you'll have to unlock all the cells, building the matches of three and more similar pieces in a row. The pieces disappear when matched and their cells get unlocked.

Between the levels you navigate the Sun Valley map, picking the order of level completion on your taste.

Amongst the various game features there should be mentioned the variety of bonuses


HeroCraft is a dynamically expanding Russian company working in the field of designing and releasing high-class games and other programming products for mobile phones. Founded in 2001, the company currently occupies one of the leading positions on the world market for mobile phone games, and does not intend to rest on its laurels. We employ experienced programmers, talented artists, gifted designers and many other brilliant specialists who truly enjoy making games. Our major aim is in attaining maximum enjoyment from our games through the highest quality and excellent gameplay.

The company currently employs over 50 persons in 4 offices in Russia and the Ukraine. A large number of outside design teams also work with us, having chosen us as publisher for their products the world over. Specifically for the purpose of promoting our products on world markets, we have, together with iFree and FounDreams, set up United Fun Traders. The major task of UFT is the active promotion of the products and services of leading Russian content providers. UFT represents a whole range of mobile entertainment: J2 ME-games, animated and still images, mobile serials, realtones, video, as well as Jamango - one of the most "advanced" community services for subscribers to cell networks in the world at the present time. UFT are two dozen professionals who promote our products on world markets.

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