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HeroCraft company announces the upcoming game Postal Babes.

August 3, 2007, Kaliningrad, RF - HeroCraft proudly announces the upcoming release of Postal Babes game under the license from «Running With Scissors». This mobile successor of super-driving PC ancestors promises to be insanely attractive.

In the decade since the original version of POSTAL was released, there have been sequels, online comic strips, MODs galore and the birth of a dedicated international fan base obsessed with all things POSTAL. Now, in the year of Postal's tenth anniversary the hotties in baby tees and thongs dubbed the "Postal Babes," have evolved into an IP powerful enough to carry their own videogame.

"I feel like Austin Powers," admitted a shagged out Vince Desi. "The world is truly going POSTAL. The Postal Movie ( by Uwe Boll and now the Postal Babes going mobile. I welcome Herocraft into the Running With Scissors family. This represents a new era in the history of our brand's extension as the first time a subset of the POSTAL world has received its own license."

Herocraft company has acquired the Postal Babes license, and thus the opportunity to go in any number of possible directions on systems ranging from Windows Mobile to PalmOS.

Herocraft CEO Pavel Prokonich, meanwhile, vows that his mobile Postal Babes will definitely turn heads. "You'll be shocked, amused and tempted! This game will give you a real chance to play with your own Postal Babe!" Due out in time for this year's holidays, the game will be released in 10 languages."


HeroCraft is a dynamically expanding Russian company working in the field of designing and releasing high-class games and other programming products for mobile phones. Founded in 2001, the company currently occupies one of the leading positions on the world market for mobile phone games, and does not intend to rest on its laurels. We employ experienced programmers, talented artists, gifted designers and many other brilliant specialists who truly enjoy making games. Our major aim is in attaining maximum enjoyment from our games through the highest quality and excellent gameplay.

The company currently employs over 50 persons in 4 offices in Russia and the Ukraine. A large number of outside design teams also work with us, having chosen us as publisher for their products the world over. Specifically for the purpose of promoting our products on world markets, we have, together with iFree and FounDreams, set up United Fun Traders. The major task of UFT is the active promotion of the products and services of leading Russian content providers. UFT represents a whole range of mobile entertainment: J2 ME-games, animated and still images, mobile serials, realtones, video, as well as Jamango - one of the most "advanced" community services for subscribers to cell networks in the world at the present time. UFT are two dozen professionals who promote our products on world markets.

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