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HERO Online Turkey draws near! announced today, that work on the upcoming Online-Roleplaying-Game Hero Online, the first Turkish MMO worldwide, went big steps ahead. The internal testing has been very successful, and thus the Closed Beta will already begin next week. A lot of Turkish-speaking players already registered, but applications are still being accepted for the first phase of testing.

Hero Online was developed by MGame and published in Korea in the spring of 2005. Soon this game climbed the Top-5 of the most successful games in Korea and still continues its huge success. But its success is not limited to just Korea; it is popular in most of Asia as well. It is ranked very highly in both China and Japan, with players connecting from all over the Eastern Hemisphere. The north-american version, published by Netgame, was able to welcome a lot of players.

The Turkish version now will be run by the 100%-daughter company Games-Arena, Istanbul, enabling excellent support and service for Turkish players from all over Europe.

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