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Hero Mages

New version of fantasy turn-based strategy game to launch on July 1st.

For Immediate Release

June, 2010 – (Romeoville, IL)

For the next major release of their fantasy turn based strategy game, Indie developer D20Studios makes good on its promises to deliver a host of its players' highly requested features.

In preparation for the update, Hero Mages game and forum servers will go down for 24 hours on Wednesday, June 30th at 7:00PMCDT until Thursday at 7:00PM. Version 1.4 will go live at 7:00PM on Thursday, July 1st and game creator Ross Przybylski will be present to welcome the players back and play some games!

"We're glad to receive so much feedback and requests from our players, and we couldn't be more excited about what we have in store for everyone in this new release. While we wanted to have computer players available for v1.4, we decided we just couldn't hold out on all the other great features that we have ready to roll out now. In particular, the ability to rejoin live games is going to make a lot of our fans very happy." - Ross Przybylski, Manager of D20Studios, LLC

In addition to a number of fixes, improvements, and game enhancements, Hero Mages v1.4 will contain the following all-new features:


Game Reconnection: Games are no longer ruined if a player loses their connection. Disconnected players can rejoin any game they were previously playing! For full details on this new feature, visit 8 Player Support: Hero Mages has increased its player cap from four to eight players, allowing for massive free for all and team oriented battles. Enhanced Team Play: Players can select the new “Team Distributed” start zones option to group teammates together on the map. In addition, the team allegiance of each unit is now easily distinguished by a colored marker. Active Player Leaderboards: Leaderboards now filter out inactive players to make the competition for the top positions even more intense. For full details on the revised rating system, visit Live Spectators: Spectators no longer have to join a game they wish to observe prior to the game start. Now you can join any game in progress to watch and learn new strategies! Game Host User Controls: Game hosts now have access to advanced user controls, including the ability to switch players to spectators, switch spectators to players, boot or ban users, and transfer hosting control to another user. 5 New Maps! 1. Solace (2): These intricate ruins adjoining imperial farmland offer a place of comfort and contemplation for young Sorceresses.

2. Spindle (2): In the confines of this dungeon’s central chamber, the dark and foreboding atmosphere can be maddening.

3. Dungeon Blockade (6): In this highly tactical map designed for 3v3, mages take refuge in the back while guardians hold the lines. Position your units carefully!

4. Circle of Slaughter (8): Less strategy and more splategry! For fast & fun action packed games, play with 4-8 players, FFA, Random Heroes, 15 sec turns & no dice.

5. Valley of War (8): Upon opposing slopes of this open field, armies gather for a massive battle. This map is ideal for 4v4 or 2v2v2v2

A complete list of the changes is available at

Computer players are officially planned for the upcoming 1.5 release scheduled for later this summer. As always, player feedback is welcome in the Hero Mages community forums.

Hero Mages is a free-to-play turn-based strategy game that combines the best elements of miniature, collectible card, and fantasy roleplaying games, and it’s available at


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Press Contact:

Name: Ross Przybylski


Company: D20Studios, LLC

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