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hell-tech places bets….

hell-tech signs Bet On Soldier with Kylotonn, the next genre-reference in FPS.


May 30, 2005

hell-tech, a Greek publishing and distribution company, has announced that it has secured the publishing rights to thrilling PC-based first-person shooter Bet On Soldier. The game will be released by the ambitious Greek publisher in August 2005, throughout Greece, former Yugoslavia and South Africa.

The Bet on Soldier:

B.o.S allows a player to challenge particular enemy soldiers by betting money on the result of their fight. When he encounters this enemy in the game, a duel will take place. Depending on the outcome, the player will either lose his stake or win a prize calculated according to his opponent's rank, his initial stake, and the length of time it took to win. This mode is available during single player mode and forms the basis of multi-player mode.

Armor and Shields:

Every character in the game can use armor and shields. Battles are epic and spectacular, with armor disintegrating and shattering under the impact of bullets.

A group Artificial Intelligence:

The player will face groups of enemy soldiers who follow their leader's orders. They cover each other as they move forward, lay down artillery barrages before attacking, and try to trap the player with pincer movements. Each group of enemy soldiers offers a challenge with differing degrees of difficulty, keeping the gameplay varied.

Visually, Bet on Soldier's proprietary Kt engine is a technical marvel, taking full advantage of pixel and vertex shaders alongside advanced specular effects. The engine also gives the game world real physical properties, and is based upon stunning technology developed over the previous six years. It´s also supported by Nvidias "The way its ment to be played" campaign.

hell-tech will release Bet On Soldier in August 2005, throughout Greece, former Yugoslavia and South Africa.

hell-tech Germany e.K.

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Tel: (+49) 1724109584

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Bet on Soldier, B.oS. and Kylotonn are Trade and Service Marks of RVP Productions.

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