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Heavy Hogur

Crumbling scenery 3D puzzler available now.


Hogur has a problem. A weight problem, that is. Some men may wish the ground trembled as they walk, but not Hogur. He's mining for crystals in the caves of Ivereth, and the floor is quite literally crumbling underneath him.

Hogur needs your help. Aside from crystals, there are treasures down here. Lost, ancient ruins are ready to be explored. But, with the floor collapsing as he crosses it, Hogur needs to find a safe route to reach them, and the way out.

As the height of the floor goes down with every crossing, Heavy Hogur is a uniquely three dimensional game, with Hogur "carving" his way through the caves. Can you find a safe route through the ever changing maze?

Heavy Hogur is available now on http://www.spelagon.com/HeavyHogur for PC.

Heavy Hogur features:

- Explore the beautiful world of Ivereth

- Discover deep caves and forgotten ruins

- High quality 3D graphics

- Five chapters featuring 60 rooms

- Find hundreds of hidden crystals

- Free content updates

About Spelagon:

Spelagon is an independent game development company located in Tyreso, Sweden. The focus is on creating video games that appeal to casual and experienced gamers alike. Heavy Hogur is the second title.

For more information, screenshots or video visit http://www.spelagon.com/HeavyHogur

Or contact Spelagon via email: magnus.gustafsson@spelagon.com


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