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Heaven's Diner

Facebook game gets iPhone app.

SAN FRANCISCO - December 15, 2010

Mobilitz today announced that the free iPhone app for Heaven’s Diner is now available for download from the App Store, complementing the Facebook game with additional location-based activities. Heaven’s Diner chefs can now use their iPhone to become real-life “food hunters” by taking photos of their favorite foods, writing short reviews of real restaurant meals, and sharing them with friends by uploading into the Facebook game on-the-fly. The app also allows users to take part in specific “quests” by using GPS to locate nearby pursuits and ingredients on a map, and unlocking special rewards for finding new dishes and culinary delights as requested by the gods. Bonuses await those who frequent the most popular restaurants as voted by the players themselves, coupled with a variety of different location-based quests available for users to choose from on their way to ascending the highest ranks of Heaven’s Diner!

The Heaven’s Diner iPhone app includes the following features:

Become a Food Hunter: Players “hunt” for food using their iPhones, uploading photos and reviews to the Facebook game to earn Karma based on how popular their food is among other players.

Location-based Activities: Each player’s food reviews are made visible to other players on the app’s integrated Google map.

Discovery Quests: Players can use the integrated map to discover and engage in special location-based quests for a chance to be rewarded with experience points, Karma and achievement stars for successfully completing each unique quest.

Shop for Ingredients: For additional help obtaining hard-to-find ingredients, players can opt to utilize a virtual ingredient shop found within the app in order to purchase the specific ingredients needed to complete a quest and level up.

Engage and Level Up! The higher the player’s level, the higher the rank of the gods dispatching quests, and the more challenging the opportunity to win greater amounts of experience points and Karma.

In-game Items: Players can purchase useful virtual goods such as Holy Flying Dish to boost the number of points earned for reviewing a dish, or Magic Refill to top-up the energy reserve required for finding the ingredients needed to complete each quest.

“What better way to play a restaurant management game that involves real food than by allowing the players to go out, interact with the food in real life, and share those experiences back into the game with their Facebook friends,” says Krating Poonpol, CEO and founder of Mobilitz. “The free iPhone app will significantly enhance and complement the overall experience by feeding more location-based activities and rewards back into the Facebook game, and allow players to continue social interactions around their favorite foods while away from their computer. We’re pleased to offer this social gaming platform that foodies everywhere can enjoy both while in front of a computer and while out visiting their favorite eateries.”

The Heaven’s Diner iPhone app is now available as a free download from the App Store (click here).

To play Heaven’s Diner on Facebook, please click here or search for “Heaven’s Diner” within Facebook.

About Heaven’s Diner:

Heaven’s Diner is a free-to-play, time management restaurant game that provides players with a unique social gaming experience by combining the real world with the online world through integration of user-generated food content and location-based activities, where players strive to serve their favorite dishes to mythical angels and gods in a race to become the God of Food. The Heaven’s Diner iPhone app ties into the Facebook game by allowing players to use their iPhones to upload pictures of their favorite restaurant dishes along with a short review, which are shared with other players in the game. Points are accumulated based on the popularity of each player’s food content among other players, and on each player’s aptitude at serving the foods to the specific liking of the angels and gods. Special quests played only in the iPhone app allow for earning of additional points while engaging in location-based gameplay. Additional features in development include expanded in-game items and availability of exciting new virtual goods requiring Karma, the official virtual currency of Heaven’s Diner.

About Mobilitz:

Mobilitz, Inc., a real-world social gaming company founded by former Google, Yahoo! and Oracle executives, aims to release innovative location-based social games that blur the line between fantasy and reality. Its first release, Heaven’s Diner, launched on Facebook in October of 2010, combines a time management restaurant experience with real-world food content uploaded by the players and integrated into the gameplay. In addition, an iPhone application is now available for free on the App Store, integrating location-based scavenger hunting and food content uploads directly into the Facebook game for friends to taste. Future plans include continuous expansion of in-game items, customization capabilities, new features and a virtual currency system. To learn more about Heaven’s Diner and Mobilitz, please visit: www.mobilitz.com

Sasha Szczepanski, Account Executive, TriplePoint, on behalf of Mobilitz

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