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Heaven's Diner

Facebook-based chance to serve meals to angels and gods.

SAN FRANCISCO - Oct. 19, 2010

Mobilitz, a Silicon Valley-based startup technology company founded by executives previously of Google, Yahoo! and Oracle, announced the official launch of its first social game for Facebook, Heaven’s Diner. The new free-to-play, time management restaurant game presents a unique social gaming experience that combines the real world with the online world by utilizing user-generated food content, and allowing players to serve real-world meals to mythical angels and gods in a race to the highest levels in heaven. Complete with the ability to upload pictures and reviews of your favorite foods, Heaven’s Diner will have you craving to play and rising through the ranks to become the God of Food among your friends.

In Heaven’s Diner, players become angel chefs running startup restaurants in heaven where they must learn to satisfy the gods of antiquity. Starting the adventure in Prima Heaven, players will work their way up through the clouds, gathering rank and building customized menus of perfection in the quest to earn more Karma and level up their restaurant. Share your favorite real-world foods and reviews with friends and earn Karma for each “Like” and summons that you receive. Every interaction will help players keep the angels and gods happy in this unique experience where our passion for foods meets the fun of social gaming.

Mobilitz will also release a free companion iPhone app for Heaven’s Diner that adds location-based tools, turning mobile players into real-life “food hunters.” The app, launching in November, will allow players to easily snap photos of their favorite foods and upload them into the game on Facebook along with a review. Facebook players use the food hunters’ photos to serve as dishes to the gods and can share these dishes with their friends to help them level up. Also integrated with the app will be a map of nearby restaurants, guiding the food hunt and denoting visited locations. Furthermore, the iPhone app provides players with additional location-based quests to complete for various rewards that tie back into the Facebook game, among other features.

“By integrating real-world elements into a virtual world, Heaven’s Diner will allow players to bring the foods they love from the real world into the social experience for their friends to enjoy,” says Krating Poonpol, CEO and founder of Mobilitz. “We see the natural next step in the evolution of social gaming to involve the combination of the social aspect of a Facebook game with the thrill of a location-based mobile experience. We’re excited for foodies and their friends to start playing on Facebook now and look forward to releasing the free iPhone app for the ultimate social gaming experience anywhere, anytime.”

Heaven’s Diner is now available on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/heavensdiner/.

The Heaven’s Diner iPhone app will be available as a free download from the App Store in November.

To learn more about Heaven’s Diner, please visit mobilitz.com.

About Mobilitz

Mobilitz, Inc., a real-world social gaming company, is a technology company specializing in dreaming up innovative location-based social games that blur the line between fantasy and reality. By melding the virtual and real worlds with online social media, San Francisco-based Mobilitz aims to offer a wide selection of games that provide the ultimate player experience.

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