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Hearts of Iron III

Latest developer diary covers espionage, maps and combat.

NEW YORK – December 4th 2008 - Paradox Interactive has today released new screens and new information regarding their upcoming PC title Hearts of Iron 3, via Johan Andersson’s latest developer diary entry. Johan, Lead Developer on Hearts of Iron 3, writes about the naval combat, map design, orders & espionage.

Johan states, “Most of these concepts are very familiar to those of you who played the previous incarnations of Hearts of Iron so you are probably wondering what we did add? As we mentioned in the presentation in Leipzig, we have added a command structure. Divisions now fit into a multilevel command structure. From Theatre, Army Group, Army, Corps through to Division. Each level has its own commander that gives its own bonus according to his skill level. At Division level you get a bonus to combat while a corps commander increases the chances of reserves joining combat. Our goal is to leave you wanting good commanders at each level thus leaving you to think about should you promote that Major General to a Lieutenant General and give him command of a corps? At every position in the command structure, you can insert a leader of the designated rank.”

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Hearts of Iron 3 is scheduled for release during the latter half of 2009.

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