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Hear the Fear: Forbidden Siren 2

Authentic Japanese horror on PlayStation 2

Watch them watching you: revolutionary sight jack is back

Cult director Keiichiro Toyama heads up development team

Double vision for franchise as Hollywood studios acquires SIREN film rights

E3, Los Angeles, May 10 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe [SCEE] is pleased to announce the June 2006 release of Forbidden Siren 2 developed exclusively for PlayStation®2.

Don't turn the lights out - Forbidden Siren 2 is coming to get you! Set on the island of Yamijima [the island of darkness], the story begins when a group of characters are washed up on the deserted island's shore after their boat is caught in a violent storm. Unbeknownst to them, twenty-nine years earlier, all the inhabitants of the island mysteriously disappeared in a blackout when an underwater electric cable snapped, cutting the power

To this day the island is shrouded in mystery. Little do they know - the unfortunate visitors are not alone on the island as the Shibito [living dead] are everywhere. Join Mamoru Itsuki and a young girl named Kishida, as the unlikely pair embark on a frantic fight for survival - and unearth the secrets of the island.

To survive, players need to use light to their advantage. Both the Yamibito [people of the dark] and the Shibito are sensitive to light in different ways. Either turn lights on or smash street lights to plunge them into darkness, or hide in the shadows and throw objects to distract your enemy. And if stealth tactics fail, pick up one of more than 30 weapons or use vehicles to ram enemies and obstructions and access remote parts of the island.

And for extra chill factor, the trademark Siren sight-jacking has been enhanced - so players can now see the game through the eyes of animals as well as through the eyes of the Shibito and the Yamibito. Watch the enemy hunt you with the tracking capability of the sight-jacking, and, only if you dare, switch and watch yourself be the victim!

The best selling Siren franchise has proved its fear factor -- Ghost House Pictures, one of Hollywood's leading producers of genre films [best known for The Grudge and Boogeyman] has acquired the film rights to the original SIREN game to take it onto the big screen.

Key game features include:

  • Developer: SCEI
  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Players: 1
  • Enhanced sight jack: see through the eyes of animals and figures from the past
  • Gameplay focused on intense, stealthy survival, with more than 30 weapons to collect to increase the action
  • Attention to detail: environments modelled on real-life location and motion-captured actors add realism to performances
  • *New race of enemy* 'Yamibito' [people of the dark] are sensitive to light
  • Enhanced tutorials, a map to show player's location on the island, range of difficulty levels and an alert system to warn of an enemy approaching

Tense, chilling and seriously frightening, Forbidden Siren 2 plunges you into the unique atmosphere of authentic Japanese horror - but this time you can't sit back and watch - you're fighting for your life!


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