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Headstrong Games launch

Kuju's London-based Battalion Wars studio gets a new name.

Press Release

14:00 BST, 29th July 2008, London, UK.

Headstrong launched today as the rebranded London studio of the Kuju Entertainment network. The central London developer has already enjoyed huge success with Nintendo's Battalion Wars™ and Battalion Wars™ 2 and continues to focus on what it does best; great Character Action titles. Headstrong offers publishers a specialist service on the Wii™ and occupies an exclusive position in the market due to a wealth of experience gained by working on Nintendo titles.

Studio Head, Bradley Crooks, commented, “We have the ideal opportunity to build on a solid foundation at Headstrong and we have some great projects in development. The studio has a real advantage on the Wii due to our experience with both single-player and multi-player development and we can get projects up and running quickly with our mature technology and tools”.

The studio is expecting a busy schedule over the coming months with discussions on a number of projects. Headstrong has a flexible approach to new opportunities and is happy to work with publishers on licensed products, existing IP or to develop new ideas.

Ian Baverstock, CEO for Kuju Entertainment, said, “Headstrong is the final ‘piece in the puzzle’ for Kuju’s offering in the UK. As action specialists they complement the other studios that have already rebranded and together offer publishers a full service solution to their development needs. ”

Headstrong is located in the Bankside area of London, near the Tate Modern, and is working on a soon to be announced title with SEGA® and a number of other projects.

For further information please contact: Sabrina Gasson, T: +44 (0) 20 7593 2230 M: +44 (0)752 5966 647. E:

Headstrong Games:

Based in the heart of London Headstrong Games Ltd. is part of Kuju Entertainment Ltd. The studio develops for a variety of hardware platforms and is a specialist in producing titles for the Wii™.

About Kuju Entertainment

Kuju Entertainment is a leading independent game developer on console, PC and handheld platforms. Kuju operates 6 studios globally; Kuju America; Headstrong, Doublesix, Nik Nak, Chemistry, and Zoë Mode (including Zoë Mode London). Kuju Entertainment is part of the Catalis S.E. media services group.

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