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Headhunter soundtracks released as 2-CD set

Richard Jacques, the composer behind the music in titles including SEGA's Jet Set Radio and Empire's forthcoming Starship Troopers title, has announced that his orchestral scores for Headhunter and Headhunter: Redemption are to be released as a two CD set.

The soundtrack for Headhunter was the first game soundtrack ever to use the famous Abbey Road Studios, and was recorded using a full live orchestra - with a reprise in 2003, when the score was performed live at the Gewandhaus concert hall in Leipzig, the first time that game music had been performed in concert outside Japan.

The soundtracks for both Headhunter and its recently released sequel, both of which were published by SEGA and developed by Amuze, will be included in the two disc set, which will be available from retailers including Amazon from September 21st.

"From the very beginning Richard Jacques shared the same ambition to create something special with the Headhunter soundtracks," commented John Kroknes, who was executive producer and director on the series. "He's one hell of a composer and his commitment and attitude was a great inspiration."

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