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HdO Adventure series

GFI and France's Anuman Interactive to bring us Aladin & The Enchanted Lamp, The 3 Musketeers, Alice in Wonderland, FBI: Paranormal cases, A Girl in the City and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Moscow, Russia, 17 March, 2010Game Factory Interactive (GFI), one of the leading Russian publishers and developers and the owner of the TurboGames brand, and French developer/publisher Anuman Interactive announce exclusive new publishing and retail distribution agreement of six new games from HdO Adventure series in Russia and ex-USSR region.

GFI and Anuman signed contract for six new games from the HdO Adventure series including Aladin & The Enchanted Lamp, The 3 Musketeers, Alice in Wonderland, FBI: Paranormal cases, A Girl in the City and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Aladin & The Enchanted Lamp. Aladin, a poor guy, dreams of marrying the Princess. But his social condition makes it really difficult. After trying to approach her, he is sent to jail. There he meets a dark mage, Ardbra. He helps him to escape, in exchange of Aladin's help to find the enchanted lamp, hidden in a secret cave, full of treasures. Aladin helps him, but soon he will discover that he has to act carefully: the dark mage Ardbra seems to be an opponent to Aladin’s dream… Help Aladin in his quest!

The Three Musketeers. D’Artagnan goes to Paris to become a musketeer. There he meets Athos, Porthos and Aramis, three musketeers of the King Louis XIII. D'Artagnan will first have to prove he deserves to be a musketeer! Then, he will have to help the Queen. She is expected to come to a ball, wearing the 12 diamonds, offered by her husband, on the recommendation of the Cardinal. The problem is: she gave them to her lover, the Duke of Buckingham. The Cardinal de Richelieu knows about it, and he wants everyone to discover her love affair. Help d'Artagnan and the 3 musketeers fight the Machiavellian plans of the Cardinal de Richelieu and save the Queen’s honor!

Alice in Wonderland. Alice is bored. Her sister reads a book with no images, no dialogs… And when a white rabbit with pink eyes, wearing a red fitted coat comes by running, screaming that he’s late, she isn’t surprise and she follows him in his den. And there her adventure starts: she is in a world completely different from what she knows. She will meet weird characters, and will have to face strange situations. Help her in this incredible adventure!

FBI: Paranormal cases. Special agent James works at the FBI, on the paranormal cases. He has to find what happened and destroy the elements that caused the phenomenon, whatever it is. He will have to face cases involving spontaneous combustion, ghosts, vampires, mythical creatures, invisibility, extraterrestrials, etc. But you will soon discover that there is something or someone controlling those phenomenons. Solve every case and discover what plot you’ve been involved in!

A Girl in the City. Laura just graduated. She leaves her small town to go to New York city. There she struggles to get a job as a journalist in a famous girls magazine. Even though she’s young and hasn’t got much experience, she gets to write a column on New Yorkers’ sexuality. On her way, Laura will have to triumph over her prejudices on men and her shyness. And she will also have to assert her femininity to try to find true love! Help Laura in making those big changes in her life!

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Dr Jekyll is a philanthropist obsessed with his double personality: the good self and the sinful one. He creates a drug that can separate his good side and his evil side. The problem is, his bad side takes the upper hand night after night. It will transform Dr Jekyll into the monstrous Mr Hyde... Find clues to prove that Dr Jekyll is directly linked to that “Mr Hyde” and the different crimes.

The release of all six games is planned for Q2 2010.


About Anuman Interactive

Created in 2000, Anuman Interactive is a software publishing and distribution company.

Anuman Interactive:

is acting worldwide thanks to its distribution partners is a leader in Lifestyle, Games and Edutainment market segments is working with new multimedia platforms: video game consoles, PC, Mac, the Internet, portable devices... is building its success with with strong and long term partners (Bordas, M6, Yamaha, ParuVendu, Wiley, etc.) is the leader on the French AppStore (#1 in sales with "Le Bescherelle" and in number of applications in catalog: more than 175 apps). is a Média-Participations group member since February 2009.  has recently bought the brand Microïds and its catalog (Syberia, Still Life, L'Amerzone...)

For more information, please visit http://www.anuman.fr

About GFI

GFI, founded in 2003 by a group of experienced game industry professionals, is a PC game and edutainment software publisher and developer on the territories of Russia and CIS, who aims to develop and promote multimedia products on the local and international markets.

The company mission is to bring to the end user top-quality product while considering the specifics and requirements of different game markets. More about GFI at www.gfi.su

About TurboGames

TurboGames is GFI’s casual games division, founded in 2007. It localizes and publishes casual games on CD ROM and distributing them to over 2000 retail stores in 600+ cities. The brand also provides a state-of-the-art online distribution service supporting instant delivery and all popular forms of payment, including SMS. Having partnerships with all major ISP’s and portals allows TurboGames to generate and maintain high-level sales for each game.

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