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Havok gets new funding, plans expansion

Middleware firm Havok, which provides the Havok 2 physics engine used in titles including Half-Life 2 and Full Spectrum Warrior, has announced the completion of a new round of funding.

The latest funding drive was led by Trinity Venture Capital and the Bank of Scotland, and secured investment from a number of high profile European financial institutions.

Havok plans to use the proceeds to continue to build on its award-winning phsyics middleware technology - and says that it is also considering launching additional products in the middleware space.

"Our financial and market position has never been stronger," according to Havok CEO David O'Meara. "This fund raising enables Havok to aggressively invest in the expansion of its product portfolio and to include acquisitions while maintaining a highly robust balance sheet."

"Havok is investing significantly in the development of its next-generation middleware solutions," explained Havok CTO Steven Collins, "addressing game developers' needs for multi-core, multi-threaded and streaming solutions for game physics and animation.

"The Havok product line will be expanded, adding a new asset processing pipeline, a revolutionary new physics engine, and a new middleware product which will allow game developers to raise the character animation and dynamics bar for next generation games," he continued.

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