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Have a Break from Daily Chores in 3D Animated Wonder World!

For immediate release

November 2, 2005

Boxy Goxy v1.2 is a new version of popular family entertainment. It offers logic puzzles of different complexity on 3D backgrounds as parts of a single rescue plot. Rich animation and sound provide limitless source of fun.

Sulus Games invites everybody on a journey around 3D wonder world in a new version of Boxy Goxy, an entertaining game for the whole family. The journey starts from Paradise islands, where emerald pastures in the rim of sandy banks provide vivid background for light occupations. Among dazzling sands of Egyptian deserts, the next stop on the journey, one will find excellent monumental scenery of ancient realms. Spicy breeze and frosty gusts, pampering sun and immaculate snowfields: the acute sensations of real presence result from uncompromising quality of 3D animation.

Boxy Goxy, a petite but industrious robot, will be the player's companion on the journey. Conceived in the mind of wicked Professor, Boxy Goxy finds consolation and pleasure in moving things. While enjoying picturesque surroundings, the player can spare some time directing Boxy Goxy's efforts and helping him match boxes by colour and pattern. As well as helping him and adding points to the total score, this light occupation serves the laudable purpose of liberating animals, which Professor keeps in the boxes for experiments. According to the rules of the game, a row or a pile of matched boxes self-destructs and captives get free.

In Boxy Goxy version 1.21 players are sure to find more scenic backgrounds and intricate tasks. Four complexity levels allow choosing the gaming mode that befits any user. Besides Classic and Relax modes, the game offers challenging Puzzle and Survival levels where higher demand on mental concentration pays back with the sense of achievement and a bonus score. Simple intuitive rules are easy to pick up at the start. A short crash course is also available at the start. The game is a limitless source of fun for the whole family as well as concentration training.

The synergetic entertaining force found in Boxy Goxy v1.2 comes from fascinating landscapes, superb tunes, elaborated 3D animation, and inventive tasks. While distracting the player from routine occupations, it both refreshes and attunes the senses. A shareware version allows everyone to experience its charms and entertaining powers.

Features at a Glance

- Uncompromising 3D animation and quality background music;

- 7 original locations (Paradise islands, dazzling desserts, immaculate snowfields and more);

- 56 levels with different tasks;

- Four gaming modes: Classic, Puzzle, Survival, and Relax;

- Intuitive rules and a short crash course at the start;

- Bonuses and scores.

Availability and Pricing

Boxy Goxy runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and costs 19.95 USD. All registered users are entitled to free life-time support and updates. The evaluation version is available for download at

About Sulus Games

Although established only in 2005, Sulus Games has won public recognition and an impressive collection of international awards. The success of the 3D studio springs from creative efforts of its team of 3D designers and musicians. All the games under the Sulus Game brand feature original plots, elaborate animation and inventive tunes. Adroitly combining these quality ingredients, Sulus Games produces delicious refreshments worthy of a connoisseur taste.

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