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Harrydragon.com launches Free Cell Phone, IM and E-mail Server Status Alerts for MMORPGs

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Harrydragon.com today launched a free Server Status alerting tool that broadcasts World Of Warcraft, Everquest, City of Heroes and City Of Villains server status alerts to cell phones, instant messengers and e-mail.

Harrydragon.com ( http://www.harrydragon.com) today announced the first of a set of tools designed to bridge the gap between in game and out of game communications. Server Status Alerts is a free application that allows users to receive alerts on their cell phone, IM and/or e-mail when their chosen realm or server comes back online after maintenance or an outage.

"We got sick of hitting the refresh button every five seconds waiting for our realms to come back up" said McLewson, a WoW Guild Master and leader of the Harry Dragon project. "Now we know within a few minutes when we can start playing again. I have reclaimed my life, at least during downtime!"

Harry Dragon is available to subscribers of every major US wireless network including Cingular, Verizon, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Nextel, Boost, Dobson and Alltel. Support for Yahoo IM is immediately available with AIM and MSN coming soon. "We're expanding rapidly to every network and IM client in the world", said McLewson.

"This application is free and we're not in the business of advertising to people's phones, IM or e-mail. Nobody's personal information will be used for the purposes of sending third party advertisements, transferred or sold - ever."

Server Status Alerts is the first in a suite of applications designed to bridge the gap between in game and out of game communications. Harry Dragon will soon be releasing more tools to unlock the communications potential for bringing gamers and gaming communities closer together.

Gamers can sign up on www.harrydragon.com

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