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Crysis goes touchy-feely via newly released mod.

Stockholm, Sweden October 21, 2008

The HaptX Team and Novint are pleased to announce the new Mod for Crysis, which makes Crysis compatible with the multi-awarded Falcon game controller. The Falcon game controller allows the player to feel complex recoils, explosions, weight of objects, enemy fire, and much more, making the Mod for Crysis one of the most exciting games for the Falcon this fall.

With the release of the Crysis Mod, the HaptX Team introduces new action packed Falcon gameplay. Besides feeling weapon recoils and explosions, the gamer can feel acceleration and centrifugal forces when driving vehicles, making the game come to life in a radically new and more exciting way. The HaptX Team has also focused on making the game environment in Crysis become more alive through resistance when swimming in water or feeling the impact when hitting the ground after a high jump.

The gamer’s best friend in Crysis is the Nano Suit which protects the gamer. When playing the HaptX Mod, the different Nano Suit modes will affect the strength and intensity of the forces generated by the Falcon. When in Maximum Strength mode, the Falcon will adjust the strength of the forces accordingly, making you feel stronger when lifting objects, less recoils from your weapons and even less impact from enemy fire.

The Crysis HaptX Mod will be released on October 24, 2008.

About HaptX® - The HaptX development team has created critically acclaimed games like Penumbra: Overture HaptX Edition and Penumbra: Black Plague HaptX Edition. The resume also includes single- and multiplayer mods for Quake 4. The HaptX Team uses its state-of-the-art haptics engine HaptX® to touch-enable games for the Novint Falcon. HaptX® www.haptx.com is a registered trademark of Reachin Technologies.

About Novint Falcon - The Falcon www.novint.com game controller enables players to feel game actions, objects, environments and force feedback, unlike any controller on the market. The Falcon line-up includes a wide range of casual, sports, and action games. Novint has partnered with leading entertainment software companies, like Electronic Arts (EA), Eidos, Codemasters, JoWooD, and

Valve, to add touch technology to best-selling games including: Tiger Woods PGA Tour™ 08, Madden NFL 08, Need for Speed™: Pro Street, Battlefield 2™, Battlefield 2142™, and Tomb Raider: Legend, Kane & Lynch, Overlord™ Raising Hell, GRID™ and Hitman: Blood Money.

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