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Hansoft support for Agile methodology out now

Uppsala, Sweden - 2006-10-26 - Hansoft, the leading vendor of project management and collaboration tools in the game development industry today announced that the new v4 release of Hansoft with support for Agile methodology has been successfully rolled out.

In mid or large size development projects the amount of information can be massive and sometimes distributed on several teams. However, you can't really keep your agility if you try to face this challenge with a tool that isn't fast and easy. Hansoft has always been the most intuitive collaboration tool for not only project managers but all developers. Now teams using Agile methodology will also be able to benefit from this level of usability.

"The interest and demand for us to release support for Agile methodologies has been massive. There is a need in the market for a tool that can take Agile methodologies to the next level. This is of special importance within game development since these productions are specifically intensive, complex and demanding. We have also had studios running the beta of our Agile release in sharp projects with very positive results," says Hansoft Managing Director Patric Palm.

"Managing a next-gen production becomes much easier with the benefits Hansoft provides for all team members in their daily work. We successfully implemented an Agile workflow in just weeks in the middle of a production with help of the Agile supporting functionality in Hansoft. It's truly user-friendly and without the administrative time that other products require," says Lars Johansson, Producer at Starbreeze, client of Hansoft.

Hansoft support different Agile methods like SCRUM and eXtreme Programming. Nevertheless, most organisations use modified adoptions of these methods and this is easily managed in Hansoft using customisable templates.

With the new Agile release of Hansoft you don't need to have separate tools and a "religious war" between methodologies. You can now in one tool use Agile and task scheduling projects in parallel. You can even have Agile cells of sub teams within a development project. With Hansoft you don't need to choose one methodology, now you can have both.

Using Hansoft in Agile projects will not only provide cutting-edge Agile functionality, but also give the benefit of all functionality integrated in the Hansoft solution. Workload and portfolio management, history, ghost resources, client and outsourcing partner integration, document management and much more will all be there.

New Agile features - Agile methodologies to the next level

Support for different Agile methods

Use included templates for SCRUM and eXtreme Programming or customise a template yourself. Many organisations use modified adoptions of the Agile methods and this can be easily managed in Hansoft using a customised template.

Use Agile and task scheduling in parallel

Avoid "religious wars" and use different methodologies in parallel without loosing the benefits of one integrated solution.

You can have Agile projects in parallel with others but also use Agile subprojects within a project. The Agile subteam can use Agile artefacts like backlog and iterations within a larger project.

Tasks and items can be converted between Agile and task scheduling parts of a project. Makes it easier to transfer work and collaborate without loosing data.

Agile in My work

Every user gets a real-time updated view of their priorities in the current and upcoming iterations. Work remaining is easily reported and other tasks, comments, documents etc are also accessible.

Customisable backlog

Prioritise the backlog in a fast and easy way and use customisable columns to address risk, estimated effort, categorisation, status, complexity points etc. Large backlogs can be structured by branching in many levels.

Backlog find

Workable areas can be carved out in the backlog by using find. Great for analysing and managing vast backlogs.

Delegation in backlog

The backlog in large projects can be kept intact by delegating management rights in the backlog and iterations. Valuable for successfully scaling Agile methodologies to large and complex productions.

Limited visibility in backlog and iteration

Makes it easier to involve outsourcing partners and clients in the project at a chosen level of accessibility.

Quick iteration resource usage

View workload in real time as you allocate. Makes it easy to avoid over/under-allocation of iterations and resources.

Burndown charts

Shows team progress on a timeline. Powerful analysis can be done by drilling down on specific dates, compare signatures, use intelligent predictions etc.

Agile portfolio analysis

Analyse portfolios of Agile, and task scheduling, projects to overlook progress in many parallel iterations and projects within the organisation.

Agile project history

Evaluate team performance and track slippage by using the history functionality.

About Hansoft

Hansoft is a project management and collaboration software company with clients of all sizes around the globe in industries such as game development and publishing, telecommunication, biotechnology, government and IT. Hansoft clients are united by the need to manage constant change in intensive and complex development projects. With the state-of-the-art Hansoft solution they increase productivity and lower risk in a demanding project environment.

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