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Project management tool hits version 6.1.

Uppsala, Sweden, June 30, 2010 – Hansoft, the leading vendor of tools for defect tracking, agile and lean development, has successfully released Hansoft 6.1.

The new version of Hansoft includes extensive support for the lean development technique Kanban, with the unique ability to handle multiple parallel swimlanes of workflow.

“Kanban is hot in the development community right now and we are proud to introduce, not only the most extensive and easy to use support for Kanban, but also a unique support for Kanbans with multiple swimlanes of workflow. We discovered the importance of this when sitting down with demanding teams, looking at what was needed for Kanban to really work in practice. Hansoft has the ability to combine Lean and Kanban with other methods such as Scrum and Gantt scheduling in the same project or program. We strongly believe that a tool should be flexible to the needs and differences of organisations, rather than dictating the process,” said Hans Andersson, Chief Development Officer at Hansoft.

Other significant news in Hansoft 6.1 are more powerful release and sprint burndowns with graphical metrics for points and ideal days, as well as more extensive XML export/import of data into Hansoft.

Hans continued: “Hansoft 6.1 increases visibility on project and program progress and makes forecasting and long term planning easier. The improved export and import functionality makes migration to Hansoft from other tools fast and easy, and you don’t have to worry about losing any data in the move.”

More info and screenshots can be found at: www.hansoft.se/new-hansoft-6-1

New features in Hansoft 6.1

Reduce project waste

- Kanban support in the wall view - the most extensive and easy to use for your team.

- Create Kanbans with multiple parallel swim lanes. This unique Hansoft feature helps the most demanding teams simplify advanced processes.

- Extensive export to spreadsheet functionality - exports all information from Hansoft to xls.

- XML import and import of data into Hansoft with full support for custom columns for easy migration from other tools. (Other migration option tools are also available.)

Increase visibility on progress

- Release burndown with work remaining, points or ideal days directly in the project schedule.

- Sprint burndowns with support for points, ideal days and graphical comparisons in the project view.

- Conversion of ideal days in the product backlog to task schedule duration days when committed from product backlog to project schedule.

- Improved functionality for cross scrum teams and cross project/program collaboration - Item status shows by linked to task/item/bug in all views, which makes it easy to keep track of status on dependencies.

Performance enhancements

- Virtually no CPU or context switching used when idle.

- Higher frame rate of wall view rendering when zoomed out and displaying many cards on the screen.

General improvements

- Rearrangement of projects on the main application toolbar, for easy administration of projects.

- Ability to remove single links in the Linked to task/item/bug column by right clicking on them.

- Past milestones and sprints automatically hidden in all drop downs and right click menus.

- Option for right aligned item description text (off is now the default option).

More user friendly zooming in the wall view.

- Inclusion of bug-ID in the activity details popup window.

- Alphabetically sorting in QA quick find drop down.

- "Break down tasks" is enabled by default on pipeline tasks for maximum team involvement.

About Hansoft

Hansoft is an integrated solution for agile and lean development, collaborative scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, portfolio and document management, used by the most demanding software developers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The tool is fast and easy and builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration. Newly released Hansoft 6.1 also contains support for Kanban as well as new and improved release and sprint burndown charts.

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Marketing and PR Manager

E-mail: Julia.hallin@hansoft.se

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