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Project management system hits version 6.5.

Uppsala, Sweden, December 1, 2010 – Hansoft , the leading vendor of tools for defect tracking, agile and lean development, has now successfully launched Hansoft 6.5.

The new version of Hansoft includes a number of features to simplify global collaboration, such as a Japanese and Chinese localisation, better functionality for outsourcing and distributed collaboration as well as improvements to simplify work for team managers.

“We have noticed a rapidly growing interest in Japan and China for the increased team efficiency Hansoft can bring. Many of our customers there have asked for Hansoft being localised and we are now very happy to release a version localised in Japanese and mainland Chinese, complete with translated help files. We will also offer technical support by e-mail in Japanese and Chinese,” said Hans Andersson, Chief Development Officer at Hansoft.

Other significant news in Hansoft 6.5 include tools for embedding and editing images directly in the comments field, show options that help you see just the information most relevant to you, and database caching for better performance on low bandwidth.

Hans continued: “We have made Hansoft simpler to use for team managers, and anyone else who work in a large scale multi team environment with massive product backlogs. Collaboration on graphical work is also made more visual with the new ability to include and do mark-ups on images in discussion threads. This makes both distributed and outsourced work easier.”

New features in Hansoft 6.5

Go global with Hansoft localised in Japanese and mainland Chinese

- As a personal option, the user can choose to run Hansoft in Japanese or mainland Chinese. The localization also includes tutorial help files to make it easy to get started with Hansoft.

Outsource and collaborate

- Work from low bandwidth connections with short login times thanks to new database caching.

- Collaboration on graphical work can now be made easier by embedding images directly in the comments field. These images can then be edited using the Hansoft built in mark-up tool. Images can be inserted from the clipboard, your desktop or from within the Hansoft document management tool.

- Fields that have been set up to mandatorily fill in bugs or other items are now visually indicated.

- Compare stored documents in Hansoft using your favourite diff tool.

Simplify team management

- "Show options" helps you show the information that is most relevant to you. A ScrumMaster can, for example, choose to only show the sprint of a scrum team within a larger program that he/she is responsible for, as well as a section within a very large product backlog that he/she is managing. In this way the ScrumMaster is able simplify the view of a very large program to only what he/she is responsible for managing, but still have access to everything else when needed for transparency.

- Create user view presets to simplify the default view for team members of what columns they see and view options they have enabled.

- New report criteria “logged in resource” applies the report to the person viewing it. For example, a report using the criteria “originally reported by” will in effect be “reported by me” to the person using the report.

- New report criteria “on-going work” shows everything going on right now. If this is used together with the "group by resources" option it will in effect show a list of peoples' current “My work”.

- New report criteria, “can start now” show all pipeline tasks that can be worked on now to contribute to the completions of pipelines or Kanban cards.

- Archive sections of the schedule helps to keep your projects tidy.

- Expand resource groups to individual resources in sprint allocation to avoid changes of past sprints when making changes to the team but still benefit from up-to-date group compositions when planning sprints.

- Choose between and edit five different custom name templates for your project to allow for customized adoptions of agile and lean.

More improvements

- Easier navigation with new sidebar in the project, administration and portfolio allocation sections.

- Help menu with access to Hansoft web help, training videos, web forum and support.

- Drag and drop from product backlog to project/program view also works when in "View selected only" mode and general "Find in hierarchy" view.

- New layout and categorization in "My Personal Options" for easier navigation.

- Less items and new groupings in the right click menus to simplify navigation.

- New break down button.

- User story flag can now also be applied to scheduled items in both product backlog and schedule.

- Cap of 200 points on backlog items has been removed.

- Naming of project schedule can now be custom. For example, project schedule could be named "Program Schedule" or "Production Plan".

- Sub project path data is now exported when exporting to spreadsheet independent of the Sub Project Path columns are activated or not.

- Log out and exit directly via the task tray icon.

- Performance improvement: archived projects are not downloaded.

- Improved graphics for the inverted brightness mode set in "My Personal Options".

More info and a complete feature list can be found at:

About Hansoft

Hansoft, winner of the Best Tools Provider-category in this year’s Develop Industry Excellence Awards, is an integrated solution for agile and lean development, collaborative scheduling, real-time reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, portfolio and document management, used by the most demanding software developers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The tool is fast and easy and builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration.

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