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Chosen by Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory for production management.

Uppsala, Sweden – November 10, 2008 – Hansoft, the leading vendor of tools for project management and QA in the game development industry, today announced that Ninja Theory has successfully employed the Hansoft solution for production management.

"Hansoft integrated with our existing development processes seamlessly and has delivered solid productivity gains across the whole team. It provides every member of the team with a complete view of the project and a single place to go for all their allocated work. This has enabled improved communication of critical project information throughout the studio and gives us a much greater ability to effectively manage our projects,” said Matthew Hart, Head of Production at Ninja Theory.

Hansoft is an integrated solution for project management, bug tracking, workload coordination, and document management, used by game development teams in 20 countries. The tool builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration, and is also popular for cooperating with outsourcing partners, publishers and external QA teams.

“We are now seeing a larger focus on productivity in games development and there is an increasing demand for methods and tools like Hansoft to make teams more efficient. We are excited to work with Ninja Theory and I feel confident that Hansoft will help them getting the most out of their talent,” said Hansoft CEO Patric Palm.

About Ninja Theory Ltd.

Ninja Theory, formerly known as Just Add Monsters Ltd, is a videogame developer based in Cambridge, UK and creators of the visually stunning PS3 title Heavenly Sword. The studio also produced Kung Fu Chaos, an Xbox exclusive game published in 2003 by Microsoft Games Studios. Ninja Theory believes that the next-generation of games consoles offer an opportunity to elevate the games experience into one that can rival film and literature and was one of the first development studios to commit exclusively to next-generation consoles.

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