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Handheld consoles required to have replaceable batteries by 2027

A new EU regulation will see future portable consoles have accessible batteries for consumers to replace

Portable gaming consoles will be required to have replaceable batteries by 2027 to comply with a new European Union law.

On July 10, the European Council voted for a new regulation to implement sustainability rules for batteries.

Manufacturers will be required to make batteries accessible for consumers using commercially available or specialised tools, and provide instructions and safety information.

While portable gaming devices aren't named in the regulation, an EU representative told Overkill that "the batteries of gaming handhelds are covered" in the filing. Phones and tablets will also be required to have replaceable batteries by 2027, according to Android Authority.

With this measure, the EU aims to "reduce environmental and social impacts throughout the lifecycle of the battery." The EU has set two targets for producers to collect waste from portable batteries, with 63% by the end of 2027 and 73% by 2030.

There will be a mandatory minimum for recycled content from all batteries. Lithium batteries have the highest targets, with recovery from waste batteries set to 50% by the end of 2027 and 80% by 2030.

First proposed in December 2022, the regulation seems to only apply to future versions of handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, according to Overkill.

Earlier this year, the European Parliament voted for tighter regulation of the video game industry and its business models.

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