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Handcase's Symbian plans

Brazilian developer branches out from Palm.

The Handcase develop its extensive catalog of products, today only for Palm, for Symbian from 2009.

"The Handcase comes to evaluating some time the migration of its extensive portfolio of software and games for other mobile platforms." Comments, Ricardo Garay director of Handcase. Why Symbian? "Why is the largest platform in terms of users and the integration of all versions of Symbian, a integrated version proposed by Symbian Foundation, reducing the cost and time for the porting. And users of Symbian, may have many choices of software and games of quality, it has already recognized for Palm." Ricardo explains.

According Garay, in the future, we must assess what will be the third platform, whether Linux or Windows Mobile. But the plans are well thought, because with a catalog of more than three hundred products, the migration is not easy nor quick, much less is cheap. "For a small developer, who has ten, twenty or even fifty products, it is easier. For us, with more than three hundred products, everything is more complicated. But we must make it clear that we will not abandon the Palm, our plan of four hundred products for Palm, follows." Sets Ricardo.


Handcase Brazilian industry mobile software centered in the Palm platform.

With a catolog of 316 products it consolidated the position of bigger industry of software for Palm of the world and the second game developer for Palm.

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