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Retro-inspired iPad action pitting you and your air hocky pucks against an alien invasion.



Perth, Western Australia, 21st June 2010 – Good news! Those meddling kids at RocketHands have released their brand new contrivance to the iPad App Store. Halogen is the brainchild of the perpetually 80’s-styled lead designer Brad Power, and mashes retro-inspired invaders with classic air hockey mayhem.

Halogen is a fun, fast paced action game that challenges you and your pucks to battle against waves of crazed enemy droids aboard a drifting space dreadnaught. It features an intense 16-level single player campaign, multiplayer air hockey and an Infinite mode for the high-scoring masochists among you. Complete with OpenFeint leaderboards and unlockable achievements, there’s enough here to pack a punch to even the most stalwart player’s face and self-esteem.

“If you've ever wanted to slam a hockey puck into a neon jellyfish, and lets face it, we've all been there,” admits designer Brad Power, “You will find what you need in Halogen. Puck, jellyfish, pewpew. Simple."

Halogen is available now on the App Store exclusively on iPad for $4.99USD.and $5.99AUD, so when you’re sick of other games holding your hand through sissy daisy-field strolls, you know where to find us. If Old School were an actual place, then Halogen would be its bespectacled disciplinarian headmistress. Line up for some punishment.

For more information, contact Anthony – - or visit the game page at

RocketHands Pty Ltd is an independent game developer based in Perth, Western Australia. With a multitude of games under their fancy hats, ranging from AAA hits to local indie gamejams, the RocketHands team is dedicated to finding the fun in gaming and then telling everyone about it.





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