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Halo 2 officially gone gold; soundtrack CD announced

Bungie's Halo 2 has officially gone gold, meaning that the game has passed through Microsoft's quality assurance department and is definitely on track to hit its November 9th to 11th worldwide launch window.

The news follows an update from developer Bungie last week where they informed readers that work was finished on the game, with only the quality assurance process left to do; the fact that the game has now officially gone gold presumably means that it passed through the tests on its first go.

The hugely anticipated game is undoubtedly on track to become the biggest selling title on Xbox this Christmas, and one of the biggest games of the year overall - and its launch next month will probably mean that the Xbox sales records set today by British-developed title Fable are smashed within a matter of weeks.

Fans of Halo will also be able to buy a soundtrack CD to accompany the game when it arrives on November 9th in the USA, with the Sumthing Else Music Works label planning to release the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume 1 alongside the game.

The OST will feature symphonic compositions by original Halo soundtrack composers Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, along with new titles from rock bands including Incubus and Breaking Benjamin,

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