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Half of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon's week one sales were on Switch

Inti Create's title had more than 100,000 downloads in a week, 56 per cent of them on Nintendo's platform

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon sold more than 100,000 digital copies, with more than half of those sales made on Nintendo Switch.

According to tweets from developer Inti Creates, the game reached 100,000 downloads less than a week after it launched. Almost two-thirds of those sales came from North America, with 23 per cent coming from Japan and other Asian markets.

However, the platform breakdown yielded the most interesting results. The most lucrative platform for Bloodstained by far was Nintendo Switch, with 56 per cent of all downloads - more than PS4 (14 per cent), Steam (19 per cent), Nintendo 3DS (4 per cent) and PlayStation Vita (4 per cent) combined.

At the end of the first calendar quarter Nintendo Switch had sold almost 18 million units, and it has proved to be a compelling platform on which to play indie games. Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight sold faster on Switch than any other console - a trend acknowledged by many other indie developers.

In March this year, Nintendo revealed that Matt Makes Games' Celeste was the best-selling indie game on Switch.

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