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Hail of Bullets Software Purchases Ferion; Launches Free to Play Arenas!

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October 18th 2006, Hail of Bullets Software, is proud to announce the acquision of Ferion,, the deepest, most strategic and involving space game on the web. Ferion is a hugely successful browser based 4x strategy game, online since 2000. November will mark the start of the very first completely FREE arenas with absolutely no charges involved. Sign up at

Ferion is a turn based multiplayer game that requires tactics, diplomacy and skill. The game is played in your browser, without downloading anything. If you can read a web page, you can play Ferion.

Players start as the leader of a planetary race. The goal is to explore the universe, invent new technologies, build up new planets, design, build and manage fleets, deal with other empires, form alliances and defend against pirate hordes. Ferion distinguishes itself from other games by its incredible depth, and the many facets of game play that require a truly strategic approach to become a successful player and achieve high ranking in the game. Players start as the leader of a planetary race. The goal is to explore the universe, invent new technologies, build up new planets, design build and manage fleets and deal with other empires. Ferion is balanced on an ongoing basis to ensure these problems do not hinder the game experience for novice and veteran players alike.

From its humble beginnings, the game has expanded to encompass several arenas running simultaneously, along with a community portal and other associated sites, from a newsletter to a growing number of fan sites. Nearly 400 arenas have been played with over 330,000 players signing up over time. Right now the game has several Arenas running concurrently at any given time, including Novice, Intermediate, Free for All and Veteran Arenas. Each Arena lasts around one month, and new Arenas start weekly.

Independent UK game development studio, Hail of Bullets Software, was formed in 2003 by Iain Key, Sebastian Barquin, both formerly at Smoking Gun Productions ltd, and Paul Key, who has many years of management experience in other sectors. Hail of Bullets Software is dedicated to producing innovative, deeply playable and, above all, extremely fun games across a variety of platforms. Hail of Bullets Software is the entertainment software division of Pi Computer Solutions Ltd.

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