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Hadean Lands

Intersactive fiction Kickstarter project hits funding goal within 14 hours.

Nov 22, 2010 - Boston, MA - On November 1, Andrew Plotkin unveiled a plan to quit his day job and write interactive fiction (IF) for a living. The plan was absurd; text adventures were a big hit in 1980, but they essentially vanished from the game industry by 1990. IF has been represented only by a quiet, intense amateur community for the past two decades. So a new commercial text adventure had no chance.

Within fourteen *hours*, the Kickstarter project blasted past its funding goal. It has continued to rise since then; it has now passed $25,000 of pledged contributions. Apparently, interactive literature is just getting started.

The funding drive still has two weeks to go, but the author is already in the process of wrapping up his obligations for 2010 and preparing to dive into development full-time.

_Hadean Lands_ (an interactive alchemical interplanetary thriller!) will appear in late 2011, for iPhone/iPad/iEtc.

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