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Hacker Evolution Collection

The original game plus the "Reinsertion" expansion and "Untold" follow-up in one pack, available now.

Brighton, December 08, 2010 – Lace Mamba Global, one of the UK's leading independent computer and video game publishers, today announces the release of the Hacker Evolution Collection, a collection of successful hacking simulation games.

The Hacker Evolution Collection combines the games Hacker Evolution, the Reinsertion expansion pack and Hacker Evolution – Untold. They set the player into the role of Brian Spencer, a former intelligence agent, who specialises in computer security.

After a series of severe incidents – stock markets crashing for no reason, a central bank’s computer system going crazy, satellite uplinks and transoceanic fibre optics links going down – Brian Spencer decides to use his hacking skills and intelligence service knowledge to find out what is behind it all.

While hacking into computers to gather confidential information, Brian also needs to keep an eye on his finances: The deeper his research gets him into the conspiracy behind what is going on, the trickier the computer systems he needs to hack into become. From time to time, Brian will need new hardware. To be able to purchase it, he will need to cyber-steal some money, too.

Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion is an expansion pack and brings new levels and graphics to the game.

In Hacker Evolution - Untold, the latest game of the series, the conspiracy Brian Spencer is investigating becomes bigger and bigger, until, one day, he finds out that a software program developed by himself was the cause of the big crisis in the first place. Now it’s up to him to prevent computers from becoming the next dominant species, and clearing his name, using his hacker skills.

The complex command console of the game now features more than 20 commands and tools. An editor allows players to create custom levels easily.

Both Hacker Evolution games have been developed by the Romanian studio exosyphen games, who successfully released several previous hacking simulations, such as Digital Hazard, BS Hacker and more. “Hacker Evolution adds a lot to the genre of hacking simulations. It combines a breath-taking economic crime thriller story which amazingly fits into the current events of the economic world crisis, with the intelligent gameplay of this genre: Searching networks, finding information, combining the right commands and making sure that nobody tracks you down”, says Claas Wolter, Head of PR & Marketing at Lace Mamba Global. “The Hacker Evolution games have been critically acclaimed by the press and recently hit top 5 positions on Download platforms, such like ‘Steam’. Now, PC players can get both Hacker Evolution games and the expansion pack in one collection for an incredible low price”, he adds. Hacker Evolution – Untold, for example, has been rated 94 % by and 9.0 by

Lace Mamba Global will release the Hacker Evolution Collection for PC worldwide, starting in the UK on February 4 th, 2011, priced £ 19.99.

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