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H1 Longitude Sea Clock

iPhone recreation of John Harrison's experimental timepiece (with hopefully a game in there somewhere too).

The world famous H1 Longitude Sea Clock is possibly the most important timepiece ever created. Nearly 300 years ago it was the beginning of John Harrison's quest to create a timekeeper accurate enough to determine longitude at sea. The H1 Longitude Sea Clock still exists to this day, thanks to Rupert Gould's and Jonathan Betts' dedication in restoring and maintaining it. It is the property of the Ministry of Defence Art Collection in London, and is on extended loan to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich where it can be viewed in the Time and Longitude Gallery at the Royal Observatory.

Developer Tech Center Labs has been granted the exclusive and honored opportunity of bringing this marvelous creation to life on the Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch®.

John Harrison's first marine timekeeper (known today as H1) is the first experimental sea clock made by Harrison, to enable navigators to find longitude at sea and is one of the great milestones in clock-making history. The dials on H1 are different from ordinary clocks. The seconds hand (top) is double-ended and can be read from either end. It goes round the dial once in 2 minutes (30 seconds have passed when the hand moves from vertical to horizontal). The minute hand (left) is also double-ended and goes round its dial once in 2 hours. The hour hand (right) is also double-handed and goes round the dial once in 24 hours. The bottom dial shows the day of the month and goes round once every 31 days, straight up is the 16th.

H1 Longitude Sea Clock is available from the App Store here


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www.italentproductions.com http://www.nmm.ac.uk/collections/explore/object.cfm?ID=ZAA0034

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