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Fact Sheet

Platform: PSP(PlayStation®Portable), Nintendo DS

Genre: Puzzle

Launch Date: March 2007

Rating: TBC

Developer: Q Entertainment

Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe SAS

Distributor: Atari (Europe)


The original concept developed by video game legend Gunpei Yokoi, comes to life on the PSP (PlayStation®Portable) system and Nintendo DS. Re-imagined by the creative minds at Q Entertainment, GUNPEY delivers an addictive puzzle game experience, combined with exciting music and visuals for the ultimate game on the go. The player's objective is simple - or is it? Various line angles climb up the screen over five panels, and you must connect all the lines over the five panels, filling the screen from left to right. If an incomplete line reaches the top of the screen, the game is over.


· Dazzle your senses: Unlock 40 vibrant skins and pulsating music tracks in a masterpiece of endless mind bending action!

· Multiple Modes: Test your skills on all six modes including Challenge, Single Skin, Double Skin, Time Attack and 10x10, where you play across ten panels instead of five!

· Various Techniques: Use advanced techniques to maximize your score and explosions:

o Tailing - Quickly connect new panels while your existing line is exploding.

o Zig Zag - Connect lines up, down, across and around the panels to create an unconventional line.

o Chain - As one line explodes, panels above fall down, creating a new line and exploding themselves.

o Dual Processing - While a line is exploding, connect panels somewhere else in the new stack to form a new line.

· Wireless Multiplayer Action: After you have mastered the various modes go head to head with a friend.


· Various modes: 6 modes of non-stop action which include Frontier, Endless, Stage Attack, Time Attack, Double Screen and Wireless.

· Multiple Characters: Go up against Vincent, Domingo, Patrick, Sherry, Nick, Thomas, Pike, Bobby and Hank and beat them one after the other in Frontier mode.

· Special attacks: Show off your advanced skills and use a special attack to hinder your opponent's game.

o Slot Machine - Make your opponent's panel types change at random.

o No Touching - Disable your challenger's Touch Screen.

o Character Attack - Each character has a specific level attack that is their signature move.

o Shock - Hide the top three and bottom three rows on your opponent's screen.

· Your own music instrument: Create your own original music by using the Sounds Sets and Patternizer.


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