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GUNK and SBS collaborating on new games show for Benelux realms.

GUNK and SBS bring together their gaming plans in what appears to be the biggest and most popular games show ever.

After 3 years of gaming experience and shows on MTV Networks Belgium (TMF), GUNK takes its skills to a higher level in a new games show. GUNKtv will be broadcast on SBS Belgium(VT4), which is one of the most popular tv-stations in the Benelux and will make gaming more popular then ever.

SBS is the most formidable choice, because of the young audience and coolness-factor. It also has a lot of adult viewers and will therefore be the first program really accessible to adults, and will exceed the usual range of gaming programs.

Along with GUNKmagazine and, GUNKtv has proven its power and skills in the media. It has conquered the gaming market in the Benelux in no time and in doing so has also gotten the attention of much bigger parties in the television-market.

Being the biggest broadcasting group in Europe, SBS have shown they are the most dynamic media-concern and biggest television-station. Bringing together its multimedia-activities, GUNK and SBS realize their ultimate gaming dream: having a huge public, which exceeds the usual range of viewers.

SBS Broadcasting Group is a European broadcasting group, operating commercial television, premium pay channels, radio stations and related print businesses in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. SBS had broadcasting services in Scandinavia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Hungary, The Netherlands, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

GUNK is the biggest player in the Benelux gaming market and recently brought its gaming-media activities together with Telenet in T-Vgas.

At the end of 2008 GUNK will also be starting its own around the clock broadcast station on Telenet, in combination with the thrice weekly VT4 shows.

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